What we support:


  • Christianity is the source of our strength and prosperity.  We must get the Bible, interpreted historically, back into the Family, the Church, and the Government.
  • States Rights – Those rights and powers not specifically given to the Federal Government are reserved to the People and the State.


  • State nullification of all unconstitutional laws from the United States Congress, unconstitutional opinions of the Supreme Court, and unconstitutional Executive orders of the President.  It is the duty of our Tennessee Governor, State Legislature, and Attorney General to keep their oath to the United States and the Tennessee Constitution.


  • Unrestricted Second Amendment rights.


  • Stop all illegal immigration and send all illegals back to the country of their origin.


  • Greatly reduce the number of legal immigration.  The United States should not be the dumping ground for all other cultures and religions.  Our Founders created a Christian nation, NONE other.


  • Americanism, not multiculturalism.


  • Strong military – We can best maintain peace by being prepared for war.  Peace through strength.



  • Balanced budget and free market economy – Government spending must be reduced and job killing regulations must be eliminated.